Export Controls

Efficient and Proactive Export Controls

Turn Legal Trade Barriers Into Competitive Advantages

Do you have goods that are subject to export controls and for which you require export licenses? Are you not sure?
Do you have goods manufactured locally, but contain parts of which at least 25% originate in the US, for example? Don’t know for sure?

Then it may be that your goods are not only subject to national export controls, but also to the far more stringent US export controls.

Minimize your risks by assessing your goods against export control laws and adjusting your processes if necessary.

Your advantages

Meticulously prepared applications for export licenses require far less processing time than usual.

We work with you to develop solutions based on EU, US and Swiss export control regulations aimed at:

  • classifying goods according to the dual-use export lists;
  • determining embargo and sanctions list requirements;
  • integrating export control regulations into your process organization; and
  • introducing further IT solution developments;

Our consultants work with your employees to develop solutions tailored to your needs, while at the same time ensuring an optimal transfer of knowledge. If required, our expert control specialists can provide ongoing remote support thanks to Flexwork.

With consistent, legally compliant and proactive processes, you can turn regulatory barriers, which your competitors are also subject to, into a competitive advantage.

Wir erarbeiten mit Ihnen Lösungen auf der Basis der Exportkontrollbestimmungen der EU, USA und der Schweiz, die auch Ihrer Zollabfertigung zugutekommen.

More Flexibility + Faster Delivery Times + Lower Costs

= Competitive Advantage

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That’s what our customers say

Nesslog was commissioned by us to organize the logistics of our expansion to Switzerland. This included organizing the transport of goods to Switzerland and the distribution of goods in Switzerland, customs clearance in Germany and Switzerland as well as the management of the logistics service providers. Everything operated smoothly from day one. The results delivered by Nesslog were absolutely satisfactory. Furthermore, Nesslog offers an excellent cost-performance ratio. I want to point out the exceptional customer orientation of Nesslog. I can highly recommend Nesslog.
Rainer Krailinger

Leiter Zoll, NKD

Joachim Nesseldreher was the key adviser to Levi Strauss Customs operations management for 3 years as a subcontractor of our 4PL. During this time, he set up a professional customs operations throughout Europe, that worked efficiently and reliably. He fully understood the needs of Levi Strauss and supported with professional expertise. As a result of a drawback he filed with Customs, Levi Strauss could receive a substantial refund of customs duties. The cooperation with Joachim Nesseldreher was very customer oriented, pleasant and successful. He was dedicated to the needs of Levi Strauss at any time.
Mehdi Zouahri

Director Inbound Logistics and Customs, Levi Strauss Europe

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